How True Business Leaders Think

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Throughout history, there have been countless debates on the nature of true business leaders. True business leaders have a different way of thinking, a different approach than that of the regular employee. One can say this about any true leader in any industry, and any walk of life.

True business leaders think of the future slightly more than they think of the present. They are goal-oriented and prioritize the achievement of that goal more than anything else. If there’s a target that needs to be hit, they plot the quickest, most efficient way to hit that target. Like chess masters, they plan their moves way ahead of time. They think of the possible scenarios and what could go wrong, and plan for it as well.

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True business leaders consider their subordinates a great deal, but not in the way most people think. It really doesn’t matter to business leaders what those under them may think of them. It’s infinitely more important how their subordinates think of the job. Though true business leaders know how to strike a balance between management and labor, they also know when to say no to their subordinates.

Steve Silvers, former CEO of Empire Today, is the current head of Paint Squad. Learn more about seasoned business leader by checking out this LinkedIn page.


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