Rethinking Popular Color Clichés For Interior Spaces

Using what works is a good strategy when deciding on the color scheme of an interior space. The interior can come off as monotonous and incredibly cliché, however, if it were applied throughout the home. Moreover, homes can end up looking incredibly trite if their occupants default to the same shades used by everyone else, turning their residence into a functional carbon copy of many other properties.

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Variety is the spice of life, and in interior decorating, a few nonconforming deviations here and there can help put details into sharp focus and make the home truly stand out and feel unique.

First of the clichés often found in interior decorating is uniformity. Frequently a lot of homes and apartments have rooms all in one color, which emphasizes this trite trend of spaces looking alike. Having a room’s walls be a single, solid color works quite well in most instances, but overuse of it could cause the entire home to look and feel identical to every other house, particularly if it happens to use the same (often inoffensively neutral) shade the others use.

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This monotony can be broken simply by choosing vastly contrasting color palette for the other rooms of the house. Contrasting colors can even be used in the same room. The homeowner shouldn’t be afraid to break with convention and use more vibrant (if still harmonious) hues.

Even the most creative variation can become an incredibly trite cliché if overused. A unique improvement such as an accent wall in one space shouldn’t be used in all spaces just because.

Steve Silvers, former CEO of Empire Today, is the founder of Paint Squad, which delivers quality residential and commercial painting services to clients in the greater Los Angeles area. For more updates on interior painting, visit this blog.


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