Construction Defects that Need Quality Home Improvement

There is nothing more exhilarating for prospective home owners than finding their homes. But even during this exciting period in their lives, prospective home owners need to be vigilant, and should thoroughly inspect the home they plan to buy. Here are a few construction defects that could require some fixing once they move in:

Window sills

It’s critical to check the ends of window sills. If by some unfortunate coincidence, windows weren’t assembled properly, leaks could occur during the rainy season. This could lead to more damaged areas inside the house.

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Roof panels

Just like windows, if roof panels aren’t installed correctly, and there are spaces between these panels, the inside of the house could be exposed to damage. Panel installations need to be tight and connected. Loose membranes could lead to leaks which may form puddles in attics, or even worse, cause short circuits if any electrical wires are exposed.

Drainage systems

Ignoring problems with a house’s drainage system could prove very costly. Not only can this wreak havoc on a basement, but long-term, it could even deal a blow to the house’s foundation.

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Electrical wires

Circuit breakers, wall sockets, and the like should all be checked. Houses that are made almost solely of wooden materials may face extremely dangerous consequences if electrical wires are defective. Professional technicians should be hired for this job.

Steve Silvers is the former CEO of Empire Today, who now uses his experience to run Paint Squad, a home improvement company that offers quality service to clients. Discover more about Steve Silvers and Paint Squad by subscribing to this channel.



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