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How True Business Leaders Think

Throughout history, there have been countless debates on the nature of true business leaders. True business leaders have a different way of thinking, a different approach than that of the regular employee. One can say this about any true leader in any industry, and any walk of life. True business leaders think of the future … Continue reading How True Business Leaders Think

How Paint Protects The House

Paint has a very huge influence in the total package of an American home. It’s an expression of ownership when one gets to decide what color to use on virtually any surface of the house. Undoubtedly, the obvious purpose lies in its visual effect. However, paint serves a number of other protective purposes, too. Paint … Continue reading How Paint Protects The House

Optimal Primers: Selection Considerations For Different Surfaces

The primary job of a coating of primer is to ensure the adhesion of the final coat of paint into the surface. A primer penetrates and smoothens out the porosity of an unpainted surface and creates an area better suited for the paint. In addition, some primers also contain ingredients designed to preserve the topcoat … Continue reading Optimal Primers: Selection Considerations For Different Surfaces

Rethinking Popular Color Clichés For Interior Spaces

Using what works is a good strategy when deciding on the color scheme of an interior space. The interior can come off as monotonous and incredibly cliché, however, if it were applied throughout the home. Moreover, homes can end up looking incredibly trite if their occupants default to the same shades used by everyone else, … Continue reading Rethinking Popular Color Clichés For Interior Spaces

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